Complete Image Analytics Suite

The most comprehensive suite of “Image Management” software. Uses AI, ML and advanced algorithms to give you “all-in-one” image management usability.

1 - Upload Documents

Upload your documents and images through our web dashboard or in bulk using our secure API.

2 - Get ReCheck Report

Our cutting edge and proprietary algorithms tell you if any part of the document is digitally tampered.

3 - Prevent Fraud

Nip digital fraud in the bud by taking action and preventing losses due to digital fraud.

Lie Detector

A lie detector for documents

Whenever someone alters an image, even if they are pixel perfect in their work, they always leave behind indicators that the photo is modified. Metadata and watermarks can help determine a source image, and forensics can probe factors like lighting, noise distribution and edges on the pixel level to find inconsistencies. If a color is slightly off, for instance, forensic tools can flag it. Some of the methods used for digital forgery today are splicing, cloning and removal.

What is the cost of becoming a victim of forgery? Can you really employ someone who is willing to forge documents to get an entry into your organization? How do you protect profits before you become a victim to digital frauds? ReCheck helps you solve these questions in seconds.
AI based ReCheck technology helps identify and eliminate fraud in a business ecosystem.

  • Detect Fake
  • Detect Image Editing/Forgery
  • Mark Forged Areas
  • Detect Duplicate

ReCheck is a digital way of enforcing ethics in Business, Consumer and Government.
More often than not digital frauds start with digitally tampering a document. Whenever there is something to be gained, crooks will resort to document forgery, be it college admissions, bank loans, government funding, getting grants, securing a job or even bill clearance, ReCheck catches the crooks and nips the digital fraud right in the bud.

AI Based OCR/Text Extraction

Text extraction in 60+ languages from Hand written or printed documents

As compared to generic OCR engines that work on pixel formations and statistical inferences, this is an AI based OCR tool that provides far better accuracy of extraction. The text extraction works with equal ease on printed documents, embedded text within photographs such as number plates and street signs as well as hand written text. Why waste time and resources on tasks that can be automated with technology? Recheck is a single platform that meets all the organizational needs of data capture from structured and unstructured sources to achieve business process automation to increase productivity and reduce costs

Powered by AI and Machine Learning, Recheck OCR constantly learns with every document processed – enabling automated data extraction from any number of documents in dozens of languages.
  • Extraction in 60 + languages
  • Save resources and time keying in text from images
  • Extract text from hand written documents
  • Machine learning improves outcome with every new document

Robotic Process Assistant

AI helps automate processing decisions that require a human action

RPA tools help identify, understand and structure the extracted data and help process the workflow based on rules. Think of RPAs as Excel Macros that can automate everything based on a set of rules that you can define. We make RPA engines smarter and enable them to deliver more value to their customers using our AI capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence-based RPA helps eliminate expensive human time required to process repetitive process tasks.
  • Auto populate eForms
  • Validate data against business rules
  • Understand natural language to process human requests
  • Remove costs from the process

Our AI and ML technology is driven by image processing algorithms, rule based forensics and a host of other digital technologies to tell you within second if any part of the document is digitally tampered.

20+ different analytic algorithms check the image for trails left by people and the editing tools.

File, Pixel and Noise analysis data is constantly improved using machine learning algorithms.

Customizable API for fast and easy implementation according to your business flow.

With this one tool, you can make your idea into a real product regardless of your skill knowledge.

Most reports are generated within seconds and available on the dashboard or via the API.

Safe and secure servers with strict 24/7 monitoring standards.

Potential Use-Cases of Lie Detector

Banks and financial institutions are constantly exposed to increasing risks of Document Forgery. Even a single forged document could cost you more than what you can afford.
Remember, better digital technology is available to crooks too.

More and More insurance companies are facing digital con artists out to make a quick buck. Claim settlement based on a forged evidence means direct loss.

Employment market is replete with examples of forgery of credentials. Salary slips, mark sheets and even educational degrees are forged to get a job.
Question is, can you hire someone who is willing to forge facts to get his way into your company?


Inflated bills are a menace all companies have faced. How to be sure that you are not wasting time and money paying forged bills?
ReCheck acts as a gatekeeper and weeds out forged bills.

Countries around the world give out grants and low interest loans for projects of social cause. Every government at some point in time has been a victim of forged credentials.
Agriculture, Swatch Bharat, Minor Irrigation, Crop Insurance....

Documents as a proof of identity are here to stay. Did you know that ID is the most frequently forged document in the world? Documents also form the basis of entire judicial system under the Evidence act. Lawyers know what it means to face a forged evidence presented as genuine one against them in a Court.

Start using ReCheck now

Integrate in minutes and prevent digital frauds. Our team is here to help and would be happy to answer any questions.

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